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We believe that “Quality Ensures Success”

Criterion Hardware is a globally renowned commercial company and one of the leading manufactures of building hardware and the exporter in China. Mainly, we focus on manufacturing door and furniture hardware. With the professional cutting-edge manufacturing technology and the expertise in the field over than 30 years, we have successfully established a decent reputation with our customers and have supplied them with the most comprehensive range of high-quality products at competitive prices in the market for years.

We believe that “Quality Ensures Success”.  It addressed that on every level of our products are made in compliance with the highest quality of standards by the specialists and have fulfilled our customer’s needs. By committing of providing the highest standard of products and services to our valued customers, we have gained the customers’ attention incrementally all over the world and have expanded the market to the European, Middle East, South America countries and Australia.

We believe that we could not achieve the success without sticking with manufacturing high quality products and your royal support.

We are very confident to say that with the combination of our advanced manufacturing facility, our commitment of manufacturing high quality product, our sincere customer services following up with, and our competitive price combined with the most high-utility hardware products, we are committed of providing you with the highest service value than you would possibly expected.